No Man’s Sky Developer Wins Legal Battle Over ‘Sky’


No Man’s Sky developer Hello Games has won its legal battle over the use of “Sky” in its title, Hello Games founder Sean Murray said.

The battle spanned three years of “secret stupid legal nonsense,” Murray tweeted. The settlement is with British broadcasting company BSkyB, which, according to Murray, owns the word “Sky.”

“It was pretty serious,” Murry said. The “legal nonsense” was with the same company that forced Microsoft to change SkyDrive to OneDrive, he added.

“On the plus side, I now know more about trademark law than any sane man would ever want to,” Murray tweeted.

In May, No Man’s Sky was delayed from June to August. The game will launch in North America on August 9. It’ll come August 10 in Europe. Hello Games’ “Sky” lawsuit wasn’t cited as a reason for the delay; Murray said the game needed “extra polish” to bring it up to the studio’s standards.

No Man’s Sky is expected to be a vast, open-world game with lots to do. You can check out its infinite universe over here.