Duncan Jones Wants To Direct Warcraft Movie Sequel

Duncan Jones, the director behind Moon and Source Code, who most recently directed the Warcraft movie, stated on Twitter that he would be up for directing a sequel.

Unlike his first two films, the Warcraft movie received mixed reviews from critics, but earned a lot of praise from moviegoers—especially gamers familiar with the source material. One interviewer even went so far as to give Jones his best impression of Zach Galifianakis in his Funny or Die! skit “Between Two Ferns,” seen below.

Warcraft has since earned over $377 million worldwide, making well over double its budget of $160 million and earning the title of the most successful video game adaptation ever—a long way away from the DOOM and Street Fighter movies many years back. The movie failed to earn ticket sales in the US, but its international sales more than made up for its performance stateside.

Given the movie’s success, fans have good reason to hope that a sequel gets greenlit.