Images Leaked For Dead Rising 4


We recently reported a rumor that has circulated around the web last week that suggested Capcom was hard at work developing the next installment to Dead Rising, which in this case would be Dead Rising 4. However, new information suggests that Dead Rising 4 will be a remake of the original Dead Rising video game.

As mentioned, earlier last week we posted news of a source online claiming that Dead Rising 4 was currently in the works. However, the same source now has reported that the fourth installment will be a remake of the first Dead Rising set during Christmas time with a four player multiplayer co-op option.

Official word on the matter has yet to be stated, though the game will likely be shown off in some capacity during this year’s E3. Besides the latest rumors about the game, new images have leaked online that shows the Dead Rising 4 poster, title screen, and in-game screenshot which we found out about through This Gen Gaming.

Likewise, it was also rumored that Dead Rising 4 will continue to be a Microsoft exclusive with the video game title releasing on both the Xbox One and the Windows 10 platform. This could very well be a timed exclusivity deal with Microsoft while Sony PlayStation 4 will receive the game at a later date. Although these are just rumors as we’ll likely get the official word about Dead Rising 4 during E3.

For now, take a look at the new images that surfaced online down below.