Rumor: Dead Rising 4 Currently In Development



Capcom’s Dead Rising franchise may have a new title installment in the works for the series. This shred of news came directly from the NeoGaf forums in which the post presents some interest rumors and information about what’s to come during the upcoming Xbox E3 press conference.

Insiders and sources within the video game industry have been known to release snippets of information early into the forums. A new post that was aimed at the Microsoft Xbox E3 press conference this year has sparked up a new rumor.

According to NeoGaf user Ekim, Capcom is currently working on their fourth main installment to the Dead Rising series. No information was given other than Ekim stating that Dead Rising 4 was currently in the works and that the game was being developed by Capcom Vancouver.

Admittedly, Ekim states that he was unsure when the reveal was scheduled exactly so don’t get your hopes up if the game announcement doesn’t come during this year’s E3.

With little information revealed, fans of the series have begun to spread their own speculations as to what Capcom will do with the next Dead Rising installment. For instance, there’s plenty of interest on if the fourth game will continue to be Microsoft exclusive with Dead Rising 4 being available for both the Xbox One and Windows 10 platform or if the game will also see a release on the PlayStation 4 platform.

What do you hope to see within the latest Dead Rising video game? Also, would you like to see the game release on the PlayStation 4? Let us know by leaving a comment down below.