The Technomancer Trailer Highlights Companions

The Technomancer, from development team Spiders, is not set to release until June 28, 2016, and now a new trailer has released that details some of the various companions you’ll meet on your journey. While you can go through your campaign with the help of a companion, you’ll want to be careful as to which companion makes sense for your latest mission.

Within The Technomancer, players step into the shoes of Zachariah, a member of Abundance, one of the most fruitful corporations on Mars. This rookie technomancer finds himself on the run from the secret police during the War of Water, but you won’t necessarily find yourself all by your lonesome.

A number of companions will offer their services as you embark on their journey, each of which will have their own personalities and goals within this giant red planet. As you go through missions, a companion may ask the services of yourself and if accepted, the game will present new missions that will give more backstory to the particular companion.

Furthermore, it was also detailed that each companion will have their faults and special talents that could prove useful in any given situation. Players will also have the ability to adjust what the companions are carrying, their armor, and even the weapons equipped.

As mentioned, The Technomancer is under development by Spiders and will be published by Focus Home Interactive. You can pick up the video game on June 28, 106, for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.