OmniBus Special Edition Comes With Actual Bus

OmniBus from the development team Buddy Cops, LLC, will be releasing officially on May 26, 2016, and today we’re finding out of a special edition that comes with an actual bus. That’s right, you can be the proud owner of a 1977 MCI Charter Bus if you pick up the special edition of OmniBus.

Announced through a press release earlier today, OmniBus will be coming out official later this month and if you’re at all interested in the game, you can grab up a couple different editions to the game. For instance, the more traditional edition known as the OmniBus Game of the Year edition currently comes with a 10% discount for the game on Steam.

Likewise, the more interesting edition for the game will have to be the Ultimate Bus Driver edition, which comes with not only the game, a digital soundtrack but a real life bus. To be exact, one OmniBus enthusiast will be the owner of a classic 1977 MCI Charter Bus for the asking price of $7,500.

There is a bit of a catch before you can get the bus as you’ll have to travel to Austin, Texas and pick it up. For those who have yet to play, OmniBus then check out the trailer posted above to get an idea of the gameplay.

Overall, the game tosses players into the driver seat of a bus that moves at a constant pace until a player runs into various objects and acceleration points. As you fly through the level, players will have to accomplish certain goals such as destroying a tower or keeping your passengers safely tucked within your bus for the set duration of time.