The Walking Dead Creator Talks Telltale’s The Walking Dead Season 3


Telltale Games is well known for their works on the previously released The Walking Dead video games and the most current release of The Walking Dead: Michonne. Through an interview with IGN, Robert Kirkman gave a bit of insight on the upcoming season three of The Walking Dead and what else could be coming down the pipeline.

Don’t get too excited, if you know Robert Kirkman, the creator of The Walking Dead then you know his interviews and answers are pretty vague. Within the video Robert Kirkman talks about the most recent release of The Walking Dead: Michonne and how he gave some insights on where he would like the story to go. However, Kirkman stated that for the most part, Telltale was given free rein to explore and create their own stories for their various video games.

When asked about Telltale Games upcoming season three of The Walking Dead, Robert Kirkman stated that the timeline is exciting. It seems that the game will have a bit of a time jump as it will be roughly close to where the latest comic book issues are. We’ll see Clementine, though there was no mention about any of the other characters from the video games.

Since the game and comic book will be relatively close in timeline it will be interesting to see if Clementine will cross Rick’s path, of course, this is all depending on where Clementine is located within season three.

Turns out we’re not done seeing additional video game installments for The Walking Dead from development team Telltale Games. While no information was given as to what may be coming down the pipeline exactly, Kirkman did say that there would be some more comic book elements that will be working on things in some interesting ways, similar to the Michonne series.