Need for Speed Adds Prestige Mode, SpeedLists Feature

The Need for Speed game announced their next update today, and they highly focus on multiplayer gameplay improvements. The two biggest of these add-ons are the SpeedLists feature and Prestige mode.

The SpeedLists mode is something that aims to bring more competitive elements to the multiplayer Need for Speed gameplay. SpeedLists are a sequence of five events you compete in against other people online. At the end of each event you get points, and those points eventually determine your position within the community, shown off with a player title. Ranks vary from “Street Urchin” beginners, to the one and only “World Champion” at the top of the leaderboards. A new achievement called Speed Master will be granted to those who win all events in a SpeedList.


Prestige mode unlocks once you beat the Five Ways to Play target scores. Doing that unlocks a new app installed into your game phone that allows you to switch between regular events and the tougher prestige version. A Basic Bronze achievement can be earned from winning all the Prestige events, and a Gold Plated achievement as well if you win Gold on them.

The patch notes also detail new updates to activities, daily challenges, and other tweaks and improvements that will come shortly.

The update goes live on April 27th across PS4, Xbox One, and PC.