Modder Creates Epic 20,000 Ghoul VS The Commonwealth Video

Fallout 4 on PC has had a few noteworthy mods for the gaming community to enjoy, though one modder released a new video showcasing 20,000 Ghouls taking on the Commonwealth. Adding to the experience, the modder Cosmic Contrarian, tweaked the appearances of the Ghouls highlighting them in bright red to further stand out.

Sent through a press release to use earlier today the modder Cosmic Contrarian unveiled what all has been adjusted to make this new video. For instance, you’ll instantly notice the bright Red Ghouls, which allows them to stand out during the dead of night. Additionally, these Red Ghouls have a flame effect at the bottom of their feet, leaving a red haze behind them as they bolt towards the enemy.

I’ve Created a new battle with modded Red Ghouls, they are by far the most aesthetically pleasing NPCs and the modders who helped me did a fantastic job on them, the way the red contrasts with the dark of the night sky, they even have a cool flame effect at the bottom of their feet when they run, so they leave a trail of red haze.

Overall, the video is fifteen minutes long of this epic 20,000 Ghouls fighting against the Commonwealth. If you would like to see some of the Red Ghouls up close then feel free to take a look at the gallery down below, otherwise the full fifteen-minute video can be viewed up above.