Rocket League’s Basketball Mode Dunking This April

Rocket League Dunk House
Psyonix have confirmed that Rocket League‘s basketball-like Dunk House Mode will be released this April.

Psyonix still have yet to share more details on Dunk House mode since reveal, but dedicated players who mastered moving footballs around should not find it that hard to score three point shooters with their bespoke vehicles. As the video in their announce tweet demonstrates, the cars can do slam dunks as well.

The unconventional vehicular sports game has sold 10 million copies overall, including PlayStation Plus, and was recently ported to Xbox One. Microsoft even got their own Halo Warthog into their version of the game. Rocket League has proven successful enough that they managed to crossover with Dying Light and even get the Arkham Knight Batmobile. They have also talked about having their PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players play together online, although nothing has been finalized.

Psyonix have also outlined other plans for changes to Season 2. They are making so many significant changes to competitive play that it will feel like an entirely different game. Based on these plans, it seems unlikely Dunk House will be entered into competitive play. but who knows?

Are you interested in Dunk House mode? Would you like to see it added to competitive play? Or would you rather see new Rocket League mode get new game modes? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.