Rocket League DLC To Feature Batman Vs. Superman’s Batmobile

Rocket League
Rocket League
took the Internet by storm last year when it launched its way to into the hearts of gamers everywhere and became one of the year’s most beloved indie titles. Given its not-to-be-scoffed-at score of 86 on Metacritic, you may be wondering how developer Psyonix could possibly improve on what appears to be an already successful title.

Well, like most things in life, it turns out that all you need to do to improve on the already impressiveĀ Rocket League formula is add a little Batman.

Psyonix has teamed up with Warner Bros. to collaborate on a new DLC pack for the delightfully idiosyncratic arena car soccer game. The Dawn of Justice Car Pack will retail for $1.99, and includes that most famous of crime-fighting cars, the Batmobile, as featured in the upcoming movieĀ Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice. In addition to the car itself, the DLC will include three unique antenna flags – one for each of the main DC superheroes featured in the upcoming movie.

Rocket League has been something of a sleeper hit. Since its release last July, the game has sold more than 2.7 million copies just on steam, according to data from SteamSpy. In addition to this newly announced DLC pack, Psyonix also released a patch on Feb. 24 that incorporated a bunch of bug fixes and even added new skill tiers to the game.

The DLC pack will be available March 8 for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 versions of the game.