Rocket League Sold Over 10 Million Copies Counting PS Plus

Rocket League
Psyonix has just revealed in a livestream that counting PS Plus subscribers, Rocket League has sold over 10 million copies.

If you do take out PS Plus, it has sold 4 million units. Clearly, PS Plus is a huge factor to Rocket League‘s success, but even taking that out of the equation, it has still done very well.

Last December, Psyonix revealed that they were already nearing 9 million thanks to PS Plus. They also already made over $ 50 million, for a game that originally cost $ 2 million to make. Steamspy reveals that as of today, Steam unit sales are at 2.7 million. This leaves Xbox One sales, which are apparently around 1.2 to 1.3 million. This is also an impressive number, considering that it has only been out for a week.

Psyonix also revealed in the same livestream the reasons why they cannot offer cross-play at this time. As Psyonix explains, the only way they would be able to offer Xbox One cross-play is if they also sold Rocket League in the Windows 10 Store. Ultimately, Psyonix does not want to fragment their PC players.

Psyonix had to also share a detailed explanation for why they cannot currently offer cross-play for PC players and PlayStation 4 players. In this case, before they even approach Sony for approval, Psyonix has to face the tall barrier of Steam and PlayStation data systems being incompatible with each other. If it is technically possible, they decided that it was not feasible to try to make it happen.

Are you one of many Rocket League players? Would you want Psyonix to work on cross-play? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.