Remedy Trademarks “Alan Wake’s Return”

Alan Wake
Remedy Entertainment has filed a trademark for the name “Alan Wake’s Return“.

This filing was made last February 23. Remedy used the same proxy to register the domain last year.

As Remedy worked on Quantum Break, they reiterated they always held an interest in returning to Alan Wake. In fact, they kept talking about ideas for a sequel constantly throughout Quantum Break‘s development. In 2013 they assured fans that the sequel would come at the right time, and reiterated these sentiments a year later. They even said the upcoming sequel had a chance of appearing in PlayStation consoles, and most recently alluded to ‘not giving up on the dream’ last August.

Alan Wake was originally published by Microsoft Game Studios themselves on Xbox 360 in 2010. It took two years later for Remedy to release the game on PC, after getting clearance from Microsoft. They released Alan Wake’s American Nightmare on Xbox Live Arcade in February 2012 and then on Windows later that same year. The latter title functions more as a spinoff than a true sequel.

Remedy did want to make an Alan Wake 2, even as early as after the first Alan Wake was released. However, they were not able to move forward with the project then for multiple reasons, including not finding interested publishers (outside of Microsoft, who would have kept it console exclusive), and simply deciding on their own it was still too early. Some of their ideas for an Alan Wake 2 made it to Alan Wake’s American Nightmare instead.

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