Remedy Assures Fans Alan Wake 2 Will Arrive at the Right Time, Humble Bundle to Celebrate



Many Alan Wake fan wakes hoped, with reasonable expectation, for the announcement of Alan Wake 2 during the Xbox One's reveal or during E3. Instead, Remedy showed a brief glimpse at their new Xbox One exclusive game, Quantum Break.

To both celebrate the release of Remedy's new game, creative director Sam Lake spoke in a video to thank Alan Wake fans and explain the future of the franchise.

Same Lake understands the "disappointment" for the lack of Alan Wake sequel, but reassures fans that Alan Wake 2 will happen despite the problems game development garners.

Same Lake then goes on to explain that for a sequel, "a lot of things need to fall in place. The right partners and the funding." He "want[s] to create something new for Alan Wakewhen the time is right."

If the team rushed into making a sequel for Alan Wake after launch, Sam Lake believes that the game "wouldn't have done justice" to the franchise.

To reward fans, Remedy nicely packaged both Alan Wake and Alan Wake: American Nightmare along with soundtrack, art concepts and other unseen content. The bonus content includes art and photos, early demo videos, cover art and music videos. With the average Humble Bundle price sitting just over $2, you can own everything Alan Wake related for a few dollars. 

Source: Humble Bundle