Alan Wake 2: Remedy Has ‘Not Given Up On The Dream’

Are you still looking for Alan Wake 2? It’s not necessarily a dead IP.

Developer Remedy, of course, is preoccupied with working on and promoting their current big name project, Quantum Break. However, in a recent interview, they revealed their interest in reviving the IP.

This is the official statement from Remedy’s Sam Lake:

Quantum Break is very much a Remedy game, so if you liked what we've done before I'm sure you will not be disappointed, and as always we have nods and winks towards our other games, in our experiences. We've openly talked about our passion for Alan Wake, and we haven't given up on that dream. So I'm really hoping that we're able to see more Wake at some point.

The original Alan Wake was a critically acclaimed psychological survival horror game, with cinematic elements. Originally released in 2010, the eponymous lead character is an author, who revisits the site of his wife’s disappearance to uncover and fight off supernatural horrors.

In 2012, a spinoff was released, called Alan Wake’s American Nightmare. The game shifts background and tone, as Alan enters the TV show found in the original game, Night Springs, and seeks out his evil doppelganger, Mr. Scratch, in the city of Night Springs, Arizona.

Both games received high positive reception, with the first Alan Wake receiving multiple awards and selling two million copies. However, as Remedy themselves were first to admit, the game performed below expectations, and so they had to move on to their current project, Quantum Break.

At this point, it’s not a matter of will Remedy do it but when. Remedy has always reasserted their interest in making the sequel when asked, as they did here and here. Unfortunately, that when may take a long time to happen, as Microsoft holds sway over Remedy’s projects. In fact, it took them two years after the original Xbox 360 release to bring Alan Wake to Windows (roughly a week before Alan Wake’s American Nightmare released on all platforms).

Will you be playing Quantum Break, or are you holding out for Alan Wake 2? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.