Psyonix Previews Upcoming Changes To Rocket League Season 2

rocket league header
Psyonix took the time to explain the changes coming to Rocket League for Season 2.

The end of Season One will effectively be the end to competitive play the way it was played in Seasone One. Psyonix is making so many changes that it will play entirely different. As Psyonix explains, all these changes are coming thanks to community feedback.

Ranked play will now fall under the name Competitive Matchmaking, and deliberately tagged in Playlists so fans don’t mix it up with casual matchmaking.

Rank Points will also be removed, so that players can focus on one point system, the Skill Rating.

The ten Season One Divisions are all being shelved, in favor of twelve all new divisions, designed just for Rocket League. The new titles, along with their respective emblems, are as follows:

Rocket League Season-2-Division-Titles
While your division placement will be influenced by your Season one Skill Rating, all players will have to play ten placement matches in Season Two to determine their Skill Division.

Skill Divisions will be visible on the endgame scoreboard, so you can see how you and your teammates and opponents compare. The scoreboard won’t include numbered rankings, just your name and division emblem.

You will have to work hard to raise your skill considerably to be promoted into a higher division. Once you are promoted, you won’t get immediately demoted, at least for losing a game or two.

There will be no cap for the maximum number of players in a top division. Now, everyone who meets the skill requirements for the top divisions will stay there.

Lastly, Season Two will still feature Top 100 leaderboards. These boards will be based on Skill Rating, with players in the Top 100 of each division appearing on the leaderboards.

Rocket League was recently released on Xbox One.