This Is When Street Fighter 5’s Next Update Will Be Available

Capcom has detailed plans for its upcoming DLC rollout for Street Fighter 5 in the video you can watch above.

The game’s March update will come in two stages. Beginning March 28th, the first part of the update introduces the combo-focused Challenge mode, eight-person lobbies, the opportunity to challenge online opponents to a rematch, minor balancing tweaks, and bug fixes. Then, on March 30th, the second part of the update adds Alex and his associated story content. In addition, there will be a new in-game shop which will allow users to buy characters and costumes using accumulated Fight Money.

Players will be able to purchase in-game currency knowns as Zenny with real money. Zenny can then be used to buy extra fighters and costumes. That feature will not be implemented with this update. Players who do not own the game’s Season Pass and don’t purchase Alex with Fight Money they’ve earned will be able to use the character for free until the Zenny update is added.

This same practice will apply to every DLC character until Zenny is introduced to the game. When the real-money currency is added, the game’s free trial for DLC characters will end. At that point, only players who have purchased the characters with Zenny, Fight Money, or the Season Pass will be able to keep them for their roster.

Season Pass holders will have exclusive access to premium costumes for the games’s DLC characters until Zenny is introduced. An additional stage will also be offered to Season Pass holders at no extra cost.


Ryu and Chun-Li’s costumes from Street Fighter 5’s story mode will be given to all players for free. These costumes usually cost 40,000 Fight Money each.

Capcom says it will continue to work on ironing out bugs and work on issues such as rage quitting.