Capcom Introducing Alex In Street Fighter V March Update

If you’re a fan of the Street Fighter franchise and have been playing the latest installment, Street Fighter V, you’ll be interested in hearing about the upcoming update slated for sometime this month. Within this update, Capcom will be reintroducing the character Alex, who was previously first introduced into the Street Fighter franchise back in 1997 with the Street Fighter III installment. Within the Capcom announcement, it’s confirmed that Alex will remain a more midrange and grappling-based character.

If you’re familiar with the Street Fighter character Alex, then you know that this is a perfect character option if you’re looking to use a more midrange fighter. However, Capcom notes that if players are having a tough time reaching their opponent then there is a special attack that will cover a massive portion of the screen to allow the fight to turn towards your favor.

This update to Street Fighter V will allow gamers to unlock Alex through gameplay or they can purchase the character in order to use Alex in a fight right away. Additionally, the upcoming update will be adding a few new features within the overall Street Fighter V video game. Gamers will be able to partake in a Challenge Mode which will showcase tutorials on how to perform better within the game. The included in-game shop now will allow players to spend their fight money to unlock DLC characters or Story Mode Costumes. Lastly, Capcom is finally adding a rematch option in which players can ask for a rematch right after a game.

You can check out the full details on Alex and the March update for PlayStation 4 and PC at Capcom’s blog post, but it seems that there is no indication when this update will officially role out. Beyond this update, Capcom has several other DLC updates¬†slated throughout the year including more character additions and a story mode.