Fallout 4 Automatron DLC Achievement Guide



Mechanical Menace

The first thing that happens when you boot up Fallout 4 after installing the Automatron DLC, is the start of the Mechanical Menace quest. You get a radio broadcast calling for help.

“This is an emergency broadcast. Our caravan is under attack by hostile robots, and need some serious help. We’re just east of Wattz Consumer Electronics. If anyone in the vicinity can come help, now’s the time.”

When you arrive, you get your first taste of the Automatron enemy line-up. Zoe, Liza, and Jackson didn’t survive the attack, but their robot companion Ada manages to pull through. Talking to her after the battle, you learn that the Mechanist’s robots have been causing trouble for Ada’s companions for a long time, and she teams up with you to get revenge for her fallen friends.

To help in your quest, Ada gives you the schematics for the Robot Workbench, allowing you to craft robots at any settlement. This is the center feature of the expansion, and it’s nice to see it open up to you right away.






After completing “A New Threat”, Ada will tell you that she needs two more radar beacons to decrypt the Mechanist’s signal.

The first radar beacon is at an unmarked location near Andrew Station. Once you arrive, you’ll encounter a Robobrain and a small squad of Mechanist robots patrolling the area. Much like what you encountered in “A New Threat”.

After taking out the group of foes, loot the Robobrain and give Ada the first radar beacon. She’ll tell you the location of the other beacon in the meantime – in the hands of the Rust Devils at Fort Hagen Satellite Array. The door to the outpost itself is locked, but you can unlock it by fighting your way up to the terminal above. Inside the complex itself, you’ll face the Rust Devils headquarters and their army of custom robots.

Some notable loot is a suit of power armor behind an expert-level security gate. You’ll find it off to the side of the first big area of the complex. Further on in, you’ll encounter the robobrain Jezebel. Talk to her and you’ll learn that you need more than just a radar beacon to get into the Mechanist’s lair. Jezebel agrees to help you, on the condition that you help her escape the Rust Devils and build her a robot body.

Taking Jezebel’s brain activates Ahab, a robot sentry guardian. He won’t be too happy that you took Jezebel, so you have a boss fight on your hands. Pressing forward through more Rust Devils, and you’ll encounter another boss. This time, it’s a power armored Rust Devil named Ivey, that was apparently responsible for ripping Jezebel’s head off in the first place. Beating her gives you a sweet Tesla rifle.  Make your way to the next room, you can find a Fat Man behind a locked security gate. That’s fine and dandy. But the real prize is a unique item called the Salvaged Assaultron Head. It goes along great with the Assaultron blade, Mr. Handy buzz blade, and Sentry Ahab’s helm that you may have picked up as well.

Leaving the Fort Hagen Satellite Array and giving Ada the radar beacon, your job isn’t done until you provide a body for Jezebel. Head back to your robot workshop and build one. Any type of body will suffice, really. You don’t need to go crazy with the add-ons and attachments. Afterwards, she’ll give you the M-SAT schematics you need to access the Mechanist’s lair, completing the “Headhunting” quest and giving you the achievement.



Restoring Order

The final showdown between you and the Mechanist. Install the M-SAT in any robot (I chose Ada, to keep things simple), and head on over to the RobCo Sales & Service Center. It’s near the Boston Airport, if you need a point of reference.

When you first enter the facility, the RobCo building seems like any other ordinary office building. But when you find the Strange Device mechanism in the basement and use your M-SAT, you uncover the huge underground complex the Mechanist has beneath. Breaching the security lasers is tricky, but if you tiptoe around the fusion core and go through the hidden cave adjacent to it, you’ll end up near the decontamination control access terminal to shut them down.

Making your way down the stairs, and you’ll find yourself in a robot ambush. The Mechanist speaks to you through an eyebot, making it clear he knows you there. Smash your way through his minions, and direct your robot companion to the next access point to the right of the stairs. This is the start of the Production Wing section of the dungeon.

Fight your way through the metallic mayhem of the production wing. You’ll know you’re heading in the right direction if you encounter a Quantum Tankbot, or something similar. Basically, if you’re fighting robots, you’re on the right path. After defeating the tankbot, look for a small corridor on the right hand side of his chamber, and you should find another access point in the backroom.

You’re close to the Mechanist’s quarters now. You’ll be able to see down below into his main arena, but for now you’re going to have to take a detour through the Facilities Wing. Fight through more robots and make your way down to a big warehouse-like room with tracks running through the center. Fight your way through the piles of trash and scrap robots, climb the stairs to the far right, and loop back around towards the entrance to find a moveable platform that you can use to travel across the room. In this newly accessible upper section you have another two access points for your robot to unlock.

Going into the Research Wing, you’ll find a decent amount of loot past a master locked door in the Forfeiture department of the section. But beyond that we have the prison section, that’s full of feral ghouls. A nice change of pace from the marathon of robots! Slide past the cells of failed experiments and rush your way into an elevator that’ll take you down to what seems like a mad scientist’s laboratory. Fight the robobrain in the adjacent room, and access the terminal to unlock the Robobrain assembly. Past that, you come across the FINAL access point you need your robot to unlock. You made it to the end.

(Be careful and save your game before starting the fight, as there is a chance that the game will encounter a bug and throw the battle into an endless dialogue loop.)

Entering the Mechanist’s chambers, and standing in the center of the spotlight, causes him to reveal himself to you finally. Situated in a glass dome high above you, the Mechanist swears you’ll pay for your crimes! He throws wave after wave of eyebots, cybermechs, and other metallic creations at you, relying heavily on his eyerobot assistant Sparks to do the heavy lifting. He has a few surprises, like a turretbot and dualbot that are both equipped with some remarkable firepower. But in the end, after throwing everything he can at you, the facility’s power fails as a result of the battle.

The Mechanist agrees to face you for a fight/talk, depending on how you choose the conversation outcome. Acquire the mainframe password from them, and enter the Mechanist’s dome to shut down the security alert. Congrats! You saved the Commonwealth. Wear the Mechanist’s armor and helmet as a trophy.


Robot Hunter/The Most Toys

Being an efficient looter during the DLC missions should net you these achievements pretty easily. But if you’re really curious about what the robot building process is like, check out this other article I wrote, that goes in detail about that.