Star Wars: The Old Republic Receiving Visions in the Dark Expansion

If you currently hold a subscription to BioWare’s MMORPG Stars Wars: The Old Republic then this April you’ll have a brand new expansion to go through. The expansion is known as Visions in the Dark which will have players fighting off the immortal Emperor Valkorion. For those of you who are playing the game as a free member, Bioware is hoping to give you enough incentive to join in as a paid subscriber before the expansion launches.

BioWare will be bringing out the Visions in the Dark expansion on April 7, 2016, and only those who are on a paid subscription for the game will be able to enjoy the campaign. According to BioWare, the expansion will have players confronting the immortal Emperor Valkorion leaving players to uncover some dark secrets that will link your destiny to Valkorion himself.

How you are linked to Valkorion and what rewards awaits you at the end of this new expansion pack for Star Wars: The Old Republic remains to be seen though its said that one of the more powerful weapon rewards is inspired by some of the greatest Force users within the galaxy.

Again, as mentioned, Visions in the Dark is only available for paid subscribers, but as an incentive to bring on some new users, BioWare is offering a free HK-55 weapon set which will include an HK-55 sniper rifle, blaster pistol, and a vibrosword for free. However, in order to claim these rewards, you’ll have to subscribe to Star Wars: The Old Republic by April 1, 2016.