AMD’s Gaming Evolved Client Receives Major Update

League of Legends
AMD has announced numerous updates for its Gaming Evolved client, which optimises videos for sharing.

The client already runs on millions of PC players’ systems worldwide and the update adds several additional gameplay recording features. One of the most significant new features is the instant creation of pre-edited highlight videos from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive or Leauge of Legends sessions which can be shared immediately.

If you don’t know, here’s how the Gaming Evolved client works:


  • Recording begins automatically when you play; no need to remember to turn it on
  • Captures the entire session (like a replay) so you’ll never miss a moment and automatically deletes older videos to save storage space
  • Drop a bookmark with a hotkey whenever something cool happens to make a 30 sec clip
  • Records your webcam, mic, and mouse clicks
  • Includes a video editor so you can showcase only the best parts
  • Create highlight reels simply by selecting multiple clips

The Gaming Evolved gameplay recorder currently offers seamless integration with both League of Legends and Counter-Strike: GO. AMD says additional games will be supported in a similar fashion soon. AMDs Gaming Evolved client uses live match data to instantly generate highlights of your kills, deaths, killstreaks, and so on when you play one of these games. The footage is pre-edited and can be viewed or shared instantly to various social networks.

A Chrome extension can also be used to capture and share highlights from your Twitch streams.

You can download the Gaming Evolved client here. If you already have, restarting will update the client to the latest version.