More Details From The Final Fantasy XV Fan Meeting Surface

Final Fantasy XV concept art Behemoth
We have more details regarding the Final Fantasy XV fan meeting Square Enix held with fans the other day, including many answers to fan inquiries.

20 fans were brought to Square Enix’s headquarters in Shinjuku, and brough to meet members of the Final Fantasy XV team in their Business Division 2 office. Hajime Tabata was not available, but fans got to ask questions and interact with Ken’ichi Shida, Yusuke Naora, Takashi Honjo, Hiromitsu Sasaki, and Wan Hazmer.

This is what fans learned from asking the developer’s present about Final Fantasy XV’s development:

  • There are different designs for the many signs and boards in the game world.
  • Many enemies have still not yet been revealed. We have already seen incredible redesigns of some iconic Final Fantasy monsters, like the Behemoth, so perhaps these enemies would include more of them.
  • The staff want fans to look forward to the dungeons.
  • The developers describe their art direction as walking a fine ‘reality line’. Every aspect of the art design, including character animations, designs for the monsters and cities, dialogue and even reactions, have been carefully conceived to exude this sense of realism.
  • The developers in the event echoed Tabata’s assertion that they want Final Fantasy XV to have an impact at the same level as Final Fantasy VII.

Final Fantasy XV fan meeting

As reported yesterday, the meeting ended with the developers asking the attendants about having a launch event in Japan. They ended the event by giving the fans Chocobo cookies and some exclusive T-shirts.

Final Fantasy XV will be published on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Square Enix will be revealing the full release details during the Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV event this March 30. You can also read the initial details of the fan meeting.