Final Fantasy XV Fan Meeting Reveals Concept Art, Some New Details

Final Fantasy XV Lucis Concept Art
Square Enix hosted a Final Fantasy XV fan event in Japan, sharing concept art and even some new details about the game directly with fans.

For the fan event, the developers met with fans to give them a first look at some of the concept art you can see below. Fans got to see what characters like Lunafreya and places like Lucil looked like on the drawing board. All the revealed art seemed to be relatively newer, considering Final Fantasy XV has been in production for over a decade.

In regards to the game itself, the developers shared that they have been improving how the camera works, and that they are improving it further, right until the actual release. NPCs have been improved as well, in such a way that when Noctis moves through a crowd, some of those crowd members will be reacting appropriately and uniquely. Finally, they shared that they had been working hard on the Regalia’s design. This design work included looking at Rolls-Royce and other luxury vehicles. The Regalia has been conceived of as a $ 50 million car.

Final Fantasy XV Lucis Concept Art 2

The developers revealed that they were also considering hosting a similar event the night before its actual release. These plans have not been finalized yet, but there is a good chance they will be doing it since it is under consideration.

Final Fantasy XV will be published on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Square Enix will be revealing the full release details during the Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV event this March 30. A recent rumor has popped up that Square Enix plans to release it on the 30th of September. You can see some more concept art from fans below.