Final Fantasy 15 Rumored To Have A Release Date

Final Fantasy
Few things can stir the Internet up into a frenzy like Final Fantasy news, or even alleged Final Fantasy news. Well, it’s a good day to be a jRPG fan, because the next game in the long-running series may finally have a concrete release date.

According to Gametsu, anxious players will be able to get their hands on Final Fantasy XV as of Sept. 30. The source claimed that it has received corroborating information from three independent sources. Gametsu reported that the announcement will be made later this month, at the Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV release event being held at L.A.’s Shrine Auditorium on March 30.

The news will likely come as a very welcome light at the end of a very long tunnel for fans of the series. Final Fantasy XV has been in development for going on a decade now; the game was originally announced back in 2006, when it was announced as a PlayStation 3 game called Final Fantasy Vsersus XIII.

Despite the game’s protracted development period, developer Square Enix seems to have been hard at work on improving the game. DualShockers reported that according to a recently held fan event in Japan, the company outlined a series of changes that have been made, including:

  • Square Enix’s community team is planning an event for the evening before the game’s release.
  • Camera behavior has been improved, and will be tweaked until the last moment.
  • The Regalia (Noctis’ car) was designed researching real world Rolls-Royce luxury cars, and would be worth 50 million yen ($440,000).
  • The hairstyle of each character has been designed taking in account his or her background.
  • When Noctis walks into a narrow street crowded with NPCs, they will avoid him properly, making the town look more alive