Twitch Streamer Ara_Gaming May Have Lost Her Channel In A Divorce Settlement

Correction: “maikittygaming” is a mod in the channel who’s a friend of the new streamer.

A popular Twitch streamer who goes by ara_gaming (or @aradiah_gaming on Twitter) recently got into a divorce. Normally, this wouldn’t be a big deal—people break up all the time. However, what makes the outcome of this relationship particularly odd is the fact that ara_gaming’s husband managed to win all her social media accounts, including her Twitter and Twitch accounts, in the divorce settlement.

Her Twitch account had close to 30k followers, with over half a million total views.

The prevailing theory is that ara_gaming’s husband sold her accounts to somebody else. When fans of ara_gaming logged on to watch her Twitch stream today they were shocked by the appearance of somebody else on the channel rather than the real Ara. The new streamer refuses to explain how she came into possession of the account because of “legal reasons” and claims that the original ara_gaming “decided to stop streaming and incorporate it so people can still enjoy some of the gameplay while she is no longer streaming.”


The new streamer claims that giving up the channel was the original ara_gaming’s decision and her idea and that none of what she says is a lie. Of course, none of her claims have been backed up by any evidence whatsoever. When questioned, she stated repeatedly that legalities are preventing her from disclosing any details.

ara_gaming’s fans are going completely berserk over what happened, starting a hashtag on Twitter called #aragate. The Twitch community as a whole is demanding answers to what happened, as none of these proceedings were handled professionally. Little to no information was given to the community due to some probable non-disclosure agreements between all the parties involved.

In addition to all that we know so far, the new streamer may have been taking the donations and sub money intended for ara_gaming for over two months. The channel mod who revealed this in the stream chat was immediately unmodded.

Someone claiming to be ara_gaming’s husband, going by nanospynet, made the following responses to the Twitch chat with regards to the original ara_gaming (Sarah).


He also made the following claim that the original ara_gaming would be unable to stream for at least five years.


The channel isn’t going to take off for any reason other than notoriety. Expect this story to keep blowing up.