Metal Gear Solid Fan Remake Shadow Moses Canceled

We’re use to seeing fans take their favorite video games from yesteryear and give them new life with brand new updated visuals and at times new content. However, these fan oriented development studios can very easily find themselves tangled up in a legal mess as the owners to these franchises, in this case Konami, can prevent the studio from releasing the finished product into the wild. Today we’re learning of the cancellation of Shadow Moses, a video game remake by fans of the original Metal Gear Solid. At this time, it’s unsure just what caused the development team to cease production, but its clear their hand was forced.

The development team behind Shadow Moses was remaking Metal Gear Solid using Unreal Engine 4 where gamers even got a glimpse of the remake title through a teaser trailer. Not only did the game look incredibly well done, but Shadow Moses became a growing interest for fans of the Metal Gear Solid franchise. On the official fan remake Facebook page for Shadow Moses, the development team teased about a big announcement set for March 14, 2016, possibly a release date as to when gamers may be able to download the video game.

Although, today a post was published on their Facebook page that alerted fans of the project its cancellation and it wasn’t exactly clear as to why the project ended abruptly.

“We have an important announcement to make today:

We have to cancel the Shadow Moses Project for reasons beyond our control.

We would like to thank everyone for the tremendous support we have received.”

Seeing how they were forced into ending the Metal Gear Solid remake, it’s likely because of Konami who holds the rights to the Metal Gear Solid franchise though at the moment this is purely speculation. Regardless, the cancellation came as a quick surprise to fans who have been following the Shadow Moses project and likely just as much of a surprise to the developers behind it. We wish the very best for the staff of Shadow Moses in all their future endeavors.