NightCry Stalking On Steam And Playism Spring 2016

Nightcry Project Scissors
NightCry, the crowdfunded spiritual successor to the Clock Tower games, will be releasing this Spring on PC.

Pre-orders are now available on Playism, and it also has a Steam page. Several pre-order options are available:

  • the base game for $ 24.99
  • the game and a digital copy of the soundtrack for $ 39.99
  • Digital Deluxe Pack, including the game, soundtrack, and a digital copy of the Artbook for $ 49.99
  • Digital Complete Pack, including the game, soundtrack, Artbook, and storyboards for the Kickstarter trailer, in PDF form, for $ 59.99

Interested players may prefer to pre-order the game from Playism today. As outlined in its original Kickstarter, developer Nude Maker will be releasing a DRM-free version on Playism aside from the one on Steam. Pre-ordering now on Playism will get you a Steam key, so you can actually get both versions.

Originally code-named Project ScissorsNightCry is a point-and-click adventure game set in an endangered cruise ship. You play as three characters; Monica Flores, Leonard Cosgrove, and Rooney Simpson. Monica and Rooney are both American co-eds studying under Leonard, an anthropologist who has an interest in the occult. Monica and Rooney do not get along as their personalities are polar opposites. While Monica is outgoing, Rooney is withdrawn and secretly suicidal.

All three are on board the cruise ship the Oceanus, having just finished field work in the Aegean Islands. The trip back home takes a turn for the worse as a mysterious scissors-wielding killer starts stalking Monica and her friends.

Nude Maker and Playism launched their successful crowdfund for NightCry in January 2015, and released the alpha to their backers last month.