Project Scissors Nightcry Playable Alpha Released One Year After Crowdfund

project scissors nightcry
Project Scissors Nightcry has released its first playable alpha, one year after a successful Kickstarter.

For those who may not remember, Project Scissors Nightcry is a literal dream project of a horror video game from Japan. Conceived of as a spiritual successor to the Clock Tower games, the project is being helmed by Clock Tower game director Hifumi Kono, with the help of Takashi Shimizu, director of 2002 film Ju-On: The Grudge.

Nightcry is primarily a 3D point and click adventure game in the classic horror mold. You can explore the cruise ship setting, searching for and picking up clues, and talking to members of the ship’s crew and guests. You are also being stalked by a menacing and mysterious figure wielding a giant pair of scissors the whole time. Every time he catches up with you, it’s time to make a run for it. In the mold of the classic Clock Tower games, you cannot defend yourself at all, and your only options are to run or hide.

Developer Nude Maker shared this information in their most recent backer update. Although the update itself is private, a fan revealed the news online. The backer also revealed that they were allowed to share screenshots and gameplay footage, so long as you mention that the game is still in alpha.

The Kickstarter page reveals that the original planned release date was December 2015. Although the project is two months late, it is an encouraging sign that Nude Maker can share an alpha now. Hopefully, the game has shaped up well enough that some polishing will lead to a full release soon.

Project Scissors Nightcry will be released on PC and mobile.