Monster Hunter Generations Announced For 3DS

Originally released in Japan as Monster Hunter X, Nintendo has unveiled today the video game for the Nintendo 3DS will see a western release sometime this summer with a slight name change as the game will be called Monster Hunter Generations. Monster Hunter X sold well within Japan with over 90% of its retail stock sold within the first week alone and it attributed to the rise of hardware sales. Check out the announcement trailer above to see some of the gameplay in action.

Overall, the gameplay of Monster Hunter Generations will stay the same as players remember it from previous installments within the franchise. Gamers are tasked with hunting down various monsters within the world and taking them out. As they progress, new items and skills are unlocked allowing players to face against stronger enemies. Developed by Capcom, Monster Hunter Generations will have four new key monsters along with some of the past signature monsters we’ve seen in previous installments.

While most of the gameplay plays out very similarly to the previous installments within the Monster Hunter franchise, this upcoming release introduces a new special attack called Hunting Arts which may increase damage or even heal allies. Furthermore, the game will also allow players to choose a Hunting Style which will alter how gamers go through the game combat. Take for example the Guild Style which is a more balanced technique in combat whereas the Striker Style is more aimed at mid-air attacks.

As mentioned earlier, Monster Hunter Generations is set to release exclusively on Nintendo’s latest flagship handheld console, the Nintendo 3DS, sometime this summer. Are you excited for the western release of Monster Hunter X? Let us know by dropping a comment down below.