Monster Hunter X’s Felyne Palicos Are Getting Mega Man, Final Fantasy Costumes

Capcom revealed some new collaboration costumes forMonster Hunter X.

Immediately available now is a Mega Man costume for the playable Felyne Palicoes. True to form, the costume will allow them to use Special Weapons, such as Guts Man’s “Super Arm,” Wood Man’s “Leaf Shield,” Top Man’s “Top Spin,” Dust Man’s “Dust Cleaner,” Gravity Man’s “Gravity Hold,” and Flame Man’s “Flame Blast.”

Coming on the 15th is another Felyne Palico costume, this time based on the Knight from Final Fantasy. Defeat Kushala Daora to acquire the legendary Knyaight Series armor and its corresponding Knyaight Sword.

It doesn’t look like there will be any limitations for either costumes to arrive in the West, so these may come with Monster Hunter X when it finally arrives in the West.

Monster Hunter X has yet to be confirmed for release outside Japan, but it seems highly likely it will do so. How soon do you expect it to make its way stateside? Share your thoughts with us in the comments and check out the trailer above.