Sony: No PlayStation VR Release Details Have Been Revealed

PlayStation VR
Sony has pushed back on earlier claims that PlayStation VR will be releasing this fall.

This is in response to a statement yesterday from Gamestop CEO Paul Raines. Raines stated in an interview that Gamestop and Sony would be launching PlayStation VR in the fall, and that they are in talks with Oculus VR and HTC Vive for their releases as well.

In a new statement, Sony asserted that Gamestop was speculating, and that they have not released any details regarding the device’s release.

The public first heard word of VR as far back as the 2014 Steam Dev Days, when Valve revealed several companies were planning on bringing the technology back. Not long after, word leaked that Sony was finally preparing a consumer grade VR headset, to be used specifically with PlayStation.

Today, public interest in PlayStation VR is at a fever pitch. Sony has signed on different games, such as the next incarnation of Tekken,  a remake of Battlezone, and many original games, such as Robinson: The Journey.

At the same time, a lot of news and rumors regarding the device is causing trepidation among fans. Fans worried when it was revealed PlayStation VR would require a separate processing unit from PlayStation 4, when the device was not featured in this year’s Sony CES press conference (note: the device was showcased on the showroom floor), and when rumor spread that it would cost almost twice as much as the Oculus Rift.

While Sony has yet to reveal more details like the release date, price, and launch titles, PlayStation VR will be the subject of more rumors and speculation yet.