GameStop CEO Says PlayStation VR Will Launch This Autumn

GameStop’s CEO Paul Raines has announced that the retailer is preparing for the launch of Sony’s virtual reality headset PlayStation VR this autumn.

A spokesperson for Sony told that “the launch date [for PlayStation VR] will be announced in due course. We have nothing more to comment on at this time.”

Raines teased the device’s launch window in an interview with Fox News yesterday in which he explained how the company is moving into the VR market in late 2016. “We will launch the Sony product this fall,” he said, “and we are in discussions with the other two players [Oculus Rift and HTC Vive].” He makes his comments from 3:34 in the above video.

Should Raines’ remarks prove to be correct, Sony’s previously stated “first half of 2016” launch window will not now be met. Sony has not yet detailed exactly when it will release PlayStation VR or how much the headset will cost. The company has, however, confirmed that the device will be priced similarly to new gaming platforms. Prior to this, the company also stated that it would be “affordable”, but Sony’s idea of affordable remains to be seen.

Originally called Project Morpheus, you can discover the features and technical specifications of the PlayStation VR headset here. Sony has high expectations for VR, saying the technology will change gaming in the same way sound redefined the possibilities of film.

The headset that would become PlayStation VR was originally announced during 2014’s Games Developer Conference. We may learn about the device at this year’s GDC, which takes place next month, or, if Raines is correct, we may need to wait for E3 to June to get some idea of what to expect in terms of release plans and pricing.