Pillars Of Eternity Conclusion Now Available

The White March
All good things must come to an end, and that time has come for the beloved Pillars of Eternity saga. On Feb. 16, developer Obsidian released the final chapter of the indie Kickstarter darling, The White March – Part 2.

In addition to concluding the story, the expansion releases alongside a general patch introducing new features and tweaks. Changes cited included a revamped combat UI and a new “knockout injury” status that can affect party members who fall in combat. I could keep listing off the various patch updates, or you could just watch this developer video!

Welcome back!

Pillars of Eternity made waves as much for the story of its creation as for any of its gameplay features. As one of the rare Kickstarter success stories, the development team took to the crowdfunding platform under the name Project Eternity. Obsidian’s pedigree helped the studio earn almost $4 million in backer support. Now the game, in its Finally Really Totally Finished We Promise form, it’s proof positive that the rocky crowdfunding ecosystem still works, sometimes, apparently.

“We launched the Kickstarter campaign for what we were calling ‘Project Eternity’ three and a half years ago. It’s surreal to think about just how much this game has meant to us at Obsidian, and how much it’s changed us as a developer,” Obsidian CEO Feargus Urquhart said in a press release. “Now, with Pillars of Eternity winning awards and standing as one of the biggest RPG releases of 2015, I’m proud to say we fulfilled our promise to our backers,