Capcom Reveals New Umbrella Corps Map, Kijuju Confirmed

Umbrella Corps Kijuju Map
Eagle eyed fans who spotted the Kijuju map in previous trailers for Umbrella Corps: congrats! You were right. Today Capcom has confirmed that the Kijuju map is coming to Umbrella Corps.

Umbrella Corps is an upcoming Resident Evil spin-off that can best be described as a online competitive third person shooter. It supports 1-6 players and so far several maps, all of which are inspired by or direct recreations of iconic Resident Evil locations, have been announced. As the setting for Resident Evil 5, Kijuju is a fictional West African nation and in this new game, will be the largest open map, as players will take on opposing teams and hordes of the infected locals, known as the Majini. Previously confirmed maps include the Umbrella Laboratory, Tricell HQ, and a Resident Evil 4 inspired village. A gallery of screenshots of this new location can be seen below.

As previously reported, despite the game’s focus on quick matches and online team competition, Umbrella Corps will still feature a single player mode called The Experiment. You can catch some footage of that in a recently released trailer. Capcom has also released a gameplay video depicting one of the multiplayer modes, One Life, a single elimination type match, as well as a live trailer. You can see both by checking out our article.

Umbrella Corps is expected on PlayStation 4 and PC as a digital release this upcoming May. For more on the game be sure to hit up our Gameranx site tag to catch up on all the latest news and posts.