New Trailer For Resident Evil Spin-Off Umbrella Corp Reveals Single Player Campaign, Release Window

Capcom has shared a new trailer and details for upcoming multiplayer shooter and Resident Evil spin-off Umbrella Corps.

In this new footage you'll see groups of mercenaries enter infected areas and fight with each other for territorial control while the threat of random T-virus infected monsters attacking looms.

We are also introduced to a new single player mode, called The Experiment. You, the mercenary, are the experiment, facing wave after wave of enemies meant to familiarize you with Umbrella Corps’ conventions.

Aside from the Umbrella Laboration map, players will also get to fight in the village from Resident Evil 4, and Tricell Organization HQ from Resident Evil 5. These stages come with their unique hazards, like Ganados and Cerberus dogs.

Umbrella Corps will be released on PlayStation 4 and PC in May 2016 via digital download. It will support one to six players. Check out the trailer above.