Final Fantasy Valentine’s Day Chocolates Spotted In Japan

Final Fantasy 7 Chocolates

This Valentine’s Day, give your partner a fantasy. A Final Fantasy set of chocolates from the official Square Enix merchandise shop Artnia in downtown Tokyo, Japan. Spotted by a writer over at RocketNews24, there are three different Final Fantasy VII inspired sets to choose from. The above features five pieces modeled to look like Materia orbs and costs 3,000 yen, or about $29 USD, retail (if you ask me, they look like bath bombs. Soapy, delicious bath bombs. Truly these are the prettiest chocolates ever made).

Below are pictures of some slightly cheaper sets, both a three and five piece Advent Children set depicting Final Fantasy VII themed images stamped on each. They go for 1,400 yen and 2,000 yen, respectively.

Taking a look at the Artnia website, it appears it’s that a trip is in order if ever you find yourself in downtown Tokyo. Their cafe features some truly impressive drinks inspired by various Square Enix games, including cocktails with spherical ice fashioned after the same Materia orbs featured in their Final Fantasy VII Valentine’s Day chocolate line. I even spotted a stack of pancakes that were made to look like a Blue Slime from Dragon Quest and a strawberry parfait so elaborate it looked like it was about to fall over. What I’m saying is, Disneyland, Schmisneyland, someone please take me to the cafe at Artnia, which is truly the happiest place on Earth.

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