Quantum Break Is Getting Its Own Xbox One Special Edition

Quantum Break Special Edition Header
Microsoft has announced that Quantum Break, the upcoming time-shifting shooter from Remedy, is getting its own Xbox One Special Edition. In the box, players will find an all-white Xbox One console along with a white controller, a download copy for Quantum Break, along with a download code for the newly-minted backwards compatible game Alan Wake, Remedy’s last major title. This is the first official Xbox version available in “cirrus white” since the Sunset Overdrive special edition from Fall 2014. The console will also come with a 14-day free trial for Xbox Live. You can preorder this special edition console starting on March 29.

For anyone keeping track of Xbox bundles and special editions, it’s safe to say Microsoft has been on a roll recently. There were several bundles for both the 500 GB and 1 TB editions, along with the Elite bundle that also came with the elusive Elite controller, and the slick-looking Halo 5 bundle. Other bundles for Rainbow Six SiegeThe Divisionand the “Name your game” bundle have also sprouted up.

In addition to announcing the Quantum Break special edition, Microsoft has also detailed some of the goodies you’ll get when pre-ordering the game. Buying the game outright – sans special edition or pre-order – will also get you a free copy of Alan Wake for 360, along with that game’s The Writer and The Signal DLC. The code for these items will be delivered between 7-10 days after Quantum Break’s release. But if you also pre-order the game, you’ll also get a backwards-compatible copy of Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, the not-quite-a-sequel to Alan Wake. The code for this will also be sent out within 7-10 days.

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Finally, if you buy either the game’s special edition, pre-order the Xbox One copy, or buy an “Xbox One Digital token at participating retailers,” you will also get a free copy of the game on Windows 10. This is important because we just found out that the game will launch on PC on April 5, the same day the Xbox One version releases. If you’re interested in the PC version of the game, you might want to look at the recommended requirements.

That’s a lot of info. If you missed out on any of the Alan Wake games from last generation, now is definitely a good time to check them out. How does the special edition look to you? If you haven’t bought an Xbox One, is all this extra free content enough to push you over the edge? Let us know in the comments.