Bungie Releases Destiny 2.1.1 Update Details

It’s been two days since the latest update to Destiny and today Bungie has released the patch notes.

The update came out on February 9 and brings with it an event, Crimson Days, which runs through February 16. Update 2.1.1. addresses problems in numerous areas, including minor weapon balancing, armor icon issues, quest trigger errors, and a whole host of other changes. Many adjustments were made with the intent of improving the multiplayer experience. New mixed-mode Freelance Playlists, 6v6 and 3v3, will allow solo players to participate in a randomly generated match-made teams without having to go up against Fireteams, so as to promote a more even playing field.

The “Special Ammo economy” of the Crucible has also been shifted in a new 3v3 playlist feature that will start players out with no ammo, issuing a new challenge for those used to getting an easy kill at the beginning of the match. This change will not be coming to the 6v6 playlist Rumble, as the larger size of the map does not necessitate a need for better weapon and ammo balance.

Bungie is also aware that post-match lag is an issue and to that effect they’ve reduced the post-match wait time in Trials of Osiris by 15 seconds, a change they’ve made to other modes in the past. They promise to continue to hone and perfect those as time goes on with future updates. For the full list of patch notes, hit up the Bungie site post. Bungie’s weekly site update This Week At Bungie also goes over the update in more detail, so be sure to check that out for more in-depth commentary on what improvements they’ve made and why.