Destiny’s Crimson Days Ode To Valentine’s Is Live

Destiny Crimson Days
Bungie in its ongoing quest to fill the void of actually substantial new content in Destiny with one-off events and minor diversions has announced the launch today of Crimson Days, the special limited time PvP mode in celebration of St. Valentine’s Day this weekend.

Crimson Days will be available to play from today until Tuesday, February 16th and encourages you to form a fireteam with your Valentine and visit the Crucible’s Lord Shaxx in the Tower so you can start your quest. 25 Legendary Marks will be awarded to all Guardians who log in between Wednesday, February 10th and February 16th regardless of whether they compete in Crimson Days events or not.

Your kills will also contribute towards your partner’s bounties and vice versa so there’s plenty of incentive to team up with someone whether they’re the Guardian you want to spend the rest of your life with or not.

Taking part will see you earn new Emblems and Shaders, with the possibility of unlocking a Valentine’s Day-themed Ghost Shell which can provide up to 320 Light Level. In addition, there’s a new consumable, Crimson Candy, that gives your entire Fireteam a 30-minute buff to boost experience gain on any equipped weapons.

The Eververse Trading Company also offers new emotes, which you can find by visiting Tess’s store in the Tower or by exploring her inventory on

Last month reports suggested that Destiny 2, which has not yet been officially announced, will not now meet its planned September 2016 release date. Of course, we’ll have all the news when Bungie does make the announcement.