Destiny 2 Delayed Beyond September – Report

Destiny 2 has not yet been officially confirmed but was originally expected to launch this September, as per developer Bungie's 10-year roadmap for the franchise which planned to launch new games bi-annually, with The Taken King-type expansions filling in the gaps. 

Kotaku however reports that Destiny 2 will not now make its planned release date. 

The report, based on sources close to the studio, does not offer a new launch window and is sure to frustrate players who had been expecting new content given the recent dearth following The Taken King's launch last September. 

Earlier reports had suggested that Bungie has scrapped its plans for Destiny DLC this year in order to focus on Destiny 2. Kotaku's story indicates widespread secrecy at the developer, with even senior staff often unaware of decisions being made within the studio. According to the report, many staff were unaware of the game's delay. 

Destiny has recently seen smaller events such as sparrow racing and a Halloween mask event but many activities within the game have been bugged of late. Bungie has teased a fairly substantial update for February, including the Valentine's Day-themed Crimson Doubles event, but it's still unclear what exactly players should expect from it or how the developer will keep people engaged in Destiny until its sequel eventually launches.