Destiny Celebrates Valentine’s Day With Crimson Days

Bungie has just announced a new content drop for Destiny–the first of 2016. The weekly update revealed the game's first ever Valentine's Day event, Crimson Days.

The tower will be transformed to celebrate this new experience, which the studio describes as being similar to the Festival of the Lost, which took place on Halloween. But what is it all about? Bungie declined to fully elaborate what it will entail, but described it as a celebration of the "rare variety of companionship that can only be found in the heat of battle." The event will last for exactly one week, starting on February 9th and ending a week later.

In addition to the new event, players will receive a new update that adds a new 2v2 Crucible mode called Crimson Doubles. The mode will have a "special twist," and participating couples will earn special gifts. Don't have a significant other? Team up with a bro. Bungie's not going to judge.