Video Shows Just Cause 3 Running In 4K

Square Enix has released a video showing off Just Cause 3 running in 4K resolution. The video shows several of the open-world game’s massive environments, along with vehicles and combat. It opens with the player skydiving over a sprawling landscape, and also features the game’s destruction effects, explosions, vehicles, and lighting effects. 

Those whose PC can play at UHD resolution should certainly take note. Square Enix says the game, in the video, is “firing on all cylinders, with all settings turned to overkill,” meaning all of the settings are turned as high as possible. Of course, a beefy GPU will be required to power the game at this resolution. If you own a powerful enough GPU, the video may make this purchase easier for you. Avalanche has not announced the required or recommended specifications for the game, but considering its fidelity and level of detail, expensive graphics hardware will be necessary to run the game in 4K. Of course, we already know which resolutions the game will run at on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

If you can’t get enough of the game before launch, make sure to check out this weaponized trailer, or these gorgeous screenshots.

Just Cause 3 releases December 1 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.