Silent Hill Fans Believe A New Game Is Being Developed

There is a never-ending amount of rumors that come up online regarding the video game industry. Everything about who is joining a studio, their projects being worked on, and what new features are coming out for a given title is always a hot topic to dive into. One of the franchises that have been coming up more and more lately is Konami’s Silent Hill. This beloved franchise has been on ice for years now and it was within the last year or two that rumors started to circulate on a new project being developed.

It’s best to take this news as nothing more than a rumor right now as there’s no confirmation. Likewise, we’ve heard everything from a reboot coming out, a new style of Silent Hill game set to be similar to a Telltales Game adventure, along with a brand new installment entirely. However, there has been nothing but expos and events that are barren with news regarding Silent Hill and its potential return. Fortunately, that might change here soon.

More fans are chiming in online regarding the franchise. Recently, Konami had released new merch for the franchise which had players doing some digging. While fans have scavenged everything they could regarding the merchandise and how it might relate to a new video game, there’s another interesting aspect that has players assuming a new Silent Hill title is being developed. You might recall the teaser for a new video game being developed by Blue Box Studios called Abandoned.

There’s been plenty of speculation that perhaps this is another Hideo Kojima attempt to surprise fans with Silent Hills returning and a partnership with Konami. Of course, there’s been plenty of attempts online to kill off this theory, but that hasn’t stopped fans from speculating that this game is attached to be a Silent Hill video game of sorts. For now, all we can do is wait and see, but with as many teases and rumors circulating online, there’s bound to be plenty of fans who will be ecstatic if this franchise makes an appearance. 

Source: PC Gamer