Blue Box Studios Is Not Developing A Silent Hill Game

There are plenty of iconic horror games but when you look back for more psychological horror thrillers to enjoy, you might find that Silent Hill remains king here. It’s a staple franchise for the horror genre as a whole and fans have enjoyed the thrill rides developers Team Silent has taken them. For years now we’ve been forced into waiting for some kind of a revival with this franchise and it’s looking bleaker and bleaker each year.

Silent Hill is incredibly cherished and most would say that the original four installments that were developed in-house at Konami with the internal team called Team Silent, remain the best installments for the entire franchise. Of course, after Silent Hill 4 was released, Konami disbanded the team and allowed western development studios to take a crack at the franchise. Those games have been far from well-received and after Silent Hill Book of Memories was released for the PlayStation Vita, it’s been a game franchise that’s been dormant.

However, there was a tweet that came out from a development studio called Blue Box Game Studios. It was yesterday that the studio tweeted out for fans to guess the name for their upcoming project Abandoned which first starts with the letter S and ends with the letter L. That provided plenty of fans to blow up the tweet with suggestions that we are finally getting a new Silent Hill game. Although that’s not the case, unfortunately.

After all the hype surrounded this tweet, Blue Box Game Studios has gone out to confirm that their upcoming title is not Silent Hill. They didn’t mean to tease the name for the IP and apologized for the confusion. For now, it looks like the beloved IP that so many fans were hoping to see brought back out is still left on the ice. Who knows if we’ll ever get a new proper game again but every time there is something that could connect to the Silent Hill IP, the internet blows up with excitement so there is still a strong demand for this franchise.

Source: Twitter