Is Xbox Brand Excitement Matching Xbox 360 Era?

Xbox fans are ecstatic with any big console release but it looks like there are becoming more fans tuning into Microsoft’s Xbox gaming division than potentially ever before. That’s at least what the consensus is according to Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox. For some, this is not a big surprise with Microsoft making some big changes to the Xbox brand after the Xbox One generation. We very well could see Microsoft taking the lead throughout this generation after the company had their most viewed E3 media event ever.

Phil Spencer took to Twitter and announced recently that E3 this year was Microsoft’s biggest and most tuned-in event so far. There are a ton of fans out there that wanted to catch everything that Xbox was going to bring out into the marketplace. There was so much excitement that Phil Spencer feels this thrill over Xbox is as big as it was during the Xbox 360 era. For now, it looks like the moves Microsoft is making are paying off big. 

For instance, Microsoft made a big round of purchases to acquire more first-party studios in their possession. This was everything from Ninja Theory, Obsidian Entertainment, and ZeniMax Media. If you’re not familiar with the latter, ZeniMax Media comes with a series of video game studios. There are studios such as id Software, Arkane Games, MachineGames, and arguably the biggest of the bunch, Bethesda. As a result, you’re going to see plenty of big-name AAA video game titles come out exclusive under the Xbox umbrella. With that said, Microsoft is making another big move and it’s a push to avoid the need for a console to play their line of video games. 

Xbox Game Pass is already a great deal right now as the service would allow players to obtain every Xbox exclusive title at launch just for paying a monthly fee of $10 to $15. However, Microsoft is bringing out what they call xCloud, which is a cloud-based gaming feature for Xbox Game Pass. It allows players to stream the games to the likes of their smartphones. However, it’s Microsoft’s goal to see cloud gaming become accessible through web browsers, TVs, to even last-generation Xbox One consoles. Players could potentially save their money from having to pay a full console price and still get to play the latest Xbox consoles as long as they have capable bandwidth. All of that does make for a pretty exciting time for Xbox.

Source: Twitter