Bethesda’s Todd Howard Is All For Developing For Fewer Platforms

When it was unveiled that Microsoft purchased ZeniMax Media it came with a plethora of video game development studios. Microsoft was able to flesh out their line of first-party studios and it would ultimately mean more exclusives for this latest generation of console gaming. Among the list of game developers, it acquired came with a heavy hitter and that’s Bethesda. The studio that’s responsible now for Fallout and The Elder Scrolls is officially under the Xbox umbrella.

For some players that’s a great move and not something they are worried about missing future Bethesda RPG titles. After all, we know that the developers are working on a new IP called Starfield and afterward we will be getting the next thrilling installment to The Elder Scrolls. However, for PlayStation fans, this is bitter news to hear. When you ask someone like Todd Howard from Bethesda, it’s a great move because now the studio can work on a better product.

Todd Howard spoke with the publication Telegraph when the topic of being an Xbox studio came up. According to Todd Howard, the ability to work on fewer systems will translate to a better product. There’s more focus on the particular hardware from Microsoft and it means setting the bar even higher. Also, the fact that Bethesda is directly connected to Microsoft may help understand the hardware when it comes to loading and fidelity. 

“By focusing on those platforms, you get to lean in a lot on making it the best it can be for those systems.”

Still, we haven’t seen much in the realm of Xbox Series X/S exclusives at the moment. It’s also an incredibly hard process getting these consoles as well since we’re enduring a massive shortage. With that said, Microsoft has been working to make their exclusives easier to obtain with the likes of Xbox Game Pass and their upcoming xCloud feature being rolled out to more devices. Even the Xbox One platform will be able to play the latest exclusive games through cloud gaming. This might make it a bit easier for players to get hold of these games through cloud gaming even if they are not on the Xbox console platforms or have a dedicated gaming PC.

Source: Telegraph