Fallout: London Mod May Give You Another Reason To Start Fallout 4 Again

The Fallout franchise is quite the massive one. With several installments out in the marketplace readily available for players to pick up and enjoy, along with an MMORPG, new fans have plenty of content to go through. However, those that are all caught up and want something new may go after the different mods that are available online which adds new content along with storylines for players to progress through. 

Today we have a new trailer available for a mod that has picked up quite a bit of attention online. Fallout: London is a big mod coming out for Fallout 4 which the team is working to bring out a DLC-like experience. While this mod may have been known about within the Fallout 4 community, there was a full reveal trailer that was released to give players some insight as to what the game will be like.

As the name suggests, Fallout: London is a mod that puts players into London and with it the variety of different iconic locations you would expect from the area. Visually the game looks like it was developed with a great care of attention to detail while also players are given plenty of content whether it was in the form of factions, storylines, items, to of course even enemies to deal with. There is plenty of hype building up for this mod which should have quite a few players jumping into Fallout 4 once again.

After all, Bethesda didn’t unveil a new Fallout video game installment at the moment. During Microsoft’s media conference from E3, we got the unveiling trailer for Starfield and we know after that game launches the studio would be focusing their next release on The Elder Scrolls 6. Having a big mod like Fallout: London around may help tie players over for a good little while. For now, you can check out the mod trailer in the video embedded above. 

Source: YouTube