Xbox One Will Be Able To Play Xbox Series X Exclusives Through Cloud Gaming

For plenty of players out there the hunt for a new console is a tough one. We’re enduring several shortages across the board and video game consoles are included in that mix. After all, with a new console platform comes exclusives that are only for that particular system. However, Microsoft has been pretty clear that they want to make their games more accessible than ever before with the likes of adding exclusives to PC, consoles, and Game Pass at launch. Now the push is for cloud gaming and while we didn’t get anything related to xCloud in particular during Microsoft’s E3 media conference, it does look like xCloud will be a big key pillar to providing games for players.

In the past, Xbox head Phil Spencer has made note of their urge to provide Xbox Game Pass and xCloud to several devices and platforms. There were talks of making an application for smart devices that can connect to television which would ultimately allow playing the latest Microsoft exclusive video games. While some players on the Xbox One are looking to make the upgrade to the Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S, it might not be necessary just to play the latest video games. 

With the Xbox One being a last-generation console most would have assumed that support would eventually end with more games being an Xbox Series X/S exclusive. However, in a new Xbox Wire post, it looks like the xCloud feature will allow Xbox One owners to play the latest exclusives. This would be a big hit for players who has a stable internet connection and are looking to prolong the use of their Xbox One console platform. 

For now, all we can do is wait and see just what the future may hold with Xbox and their xCloud service which at the moment is in beta. We haven’t seen this service open up to the general public outside of smartphone platforms. Regardless, with the number of studios Microsoft has and the exclusives they’ll be bringing out, Xbox Game Pass with xCloud is likely to be a game-changer for this generation of console gaming.

Source: Xbox Wire, IGN