Don’t Fret Bayonetta 3 News Will Come This Year

We just went through E3 2021 and with it came several streams and events to highlight new video games. While some streams were a bit lackluster and didn’t provide much content for players, other notable events allowed players to get excited about what’s to come. There’s no satisfying everyone with each E3 event as there will be something left out or not highlighted within the expo. For Nintendo Switch players it might have come in the form of Bayonetta 3.

The beloved franchise only has two installments and while we knew that development studio PlatinumGames was working on a Bayonetta 3, we didn’t have any details about the game. Originally, there was a small teaser that highlighted the Bayonetta 3 title but outside of that, there wasn’t any word as to when we could expect the game to show back up. Now that Nintendo’s latest media stream has concluded yesterday, some fans might have assumed there could be some trouble with the IP.

That’s not the case according to Bayonetta 3’s director Hideki Kamiya, who took to Twitter and alerted fans that there are no delays or production halts for Bayonetta 3. However, it was also noted that there are still plans to highlight Bayonetta 3 at some point this year, of course, there’s no indication as to when exactly that will take place.

This, at the very least, should be welcomed news knowing that the game is still being developed and that there is nothing right now to prevent the game from progressing forward. While it would have been nice to receive some kind of highlight during the Nintendo Direct, we’ll just have to wait and see what the future of Bayonetta holds for fans.

Source: Kotaku