Are We Getting A Resident Evil Nintendo Switch Exclusive Game?

resident evil revelations

At the moment, there’s a ton of attention on Resident Evil. This iconic survival horror game that got its start back on the original PlayStation console continues to thrive today. Fans can’t get enough of the gameplay with players having to battle against zombies and other creatures all with a storyline that spans across different mainline installments and spin-off games. 

Not to mention that we have an animated project coming out to Netflix and even a reboot to the movie franchise coming out. While the main focus right now may be about Resident Evil Village, the next mainline installment to come out into the marketplace, rumors are suggesting this won’t be the only Resident Evil game coming out shortly. It looks like there is another Resident Evil game in the works but one that’s set to be a Nintendo Switch exclusive.

This information comes from a Resident Evil insider known as Dusk Golem online. The individual has been offering information about what they were told online. According to the latest information released, this next Resident Evil game would be a Nintendo Switch exclusive and while it’s under the working title Resident Evil Outrage, the developers were apparently working the title as a Resident Evil Revelations continuation.

Now it looks like that may not be the case but according to Dusk Golem, it’s a project that was planned to launch within the same year as Resident Evil Village and would be a timed exclusive for the Nintendo Switch. This could be good news to Nintendo Switch users that were wanting a Resident Evil title to enjoy alongside those that are playing Resident Evil Village. This of course is purely a rumor and from an insider that’s proved to be credible for the Resident Evil franchise in particular. 

Source: Twitter